Know Before You Go: Charlotte FC vs. Austin FC 6/30 at 7PM | Charlotte FC (2022)


To make your matchday as smooth as possible, we encourage all ticket holders to access their tickets prior to matchday to avoid confusion and issues at the gate.

Fans are also encouraged to arrive early to avoid long lines. All three gates will be open and you can use any of the main gates, regardless of the gate noted on your ticket.

In the event of severe weather within 8 miles of the stadium, fans will be asked to evacuate the seating bowl and take shelter in the concourse. Stadium staff will help direct fans to the nearest and safest shelter until weather has moved away from the stadium. Reminder: Umbrellas are not permitted.


Don't miss the party!

Ticket Office: 9:00AM

  • Limited number of select tickets available on matchday. Visit Ticketmaster for best options.

Supporters Tailgate: 3:30PM (McNinch Street lot - open to all fans)

Parking Lots Open: 4:00PM

STM Early Entry: 5:00PM (available only at the East Gate)

Team Store: 5:00PM (Access from inside stadium only)

  • Will be open 11:00AM - 4:00PM (access from outside the stadium).

Gates Open: 5:30PM

Supporters March: 6:00PM

Warm-Ups: 6:18PM

Coronation, National Anthem: 7:00PM

  • Be in your seats early for the party!
  • Join the Supporters in singing of the National Anthem

Kickoff: 7:08PM

Unified Match: 9:30PM

(Video) Charlotte FC vs. Austin FC Thursday night

  • Stay in your seats to watch our Special Olympics Unified Team play its inaugural match vs. Atlanta United.


Early Bird Concession Specials

Enjoy some great concession specials on select food and drink items at the Lowe's East Gate bars and Markets.

Check out the menu and selling times below:

5:00 PM - 6:15 PM

  • Market 120: $5.00 (10.99) - Brisket, Chicken or Veggie Quesadilla
  • Lowe's East Gate Markets: $3.00 (4.99) - Dasani Water Bottle

While Supplies Last

  • Michelob Ultra Taprooms Lowe's East Gate: $5.00 - 12 oz. Draft Ice Cold Michelob Ultra


The Supporters Tailgate: Are you ready to party?! All fans are welcome to join the Supporters Tailgate at the McNinch Street lot before the march. Food trucks and other food options will be available onsite. Outside food and drink are also allowed.

The Supporters March: A moment you won't want to miss! If you want to be a part of the march, meet them at 6:00PM as they prepare to make their way to Bank of America Stadium.

See map below for the route to the stadium:

Know Before You Go: Charlotte FC vs. Austin FC 6/30 at 7PM | Charlotte FC (1)
(Video) austin fc vs charlotte fc preview


Be in your seats before kick and welcome the team to the pitch while enjoying special entertainment!

Theme Night: Pride

Giveaway: Pride Captains Bands (for first 10K fans)

US National Anthem: Gay Men's Chorus

  • Join the Supporters in singing the National Anthem

Color Guard: Forbush HS JROTC

Matchday DJ: DJ Fannie Mae - Pre-Match & Halftime

Coronation: Daniel Valdez


All entry to Bank of America events require mobile tickets (PDF tickets will no longer be valid for entry). All users, both PSL holders and single-game ticket buyers, can access and manage their tickets through the official Charlotte FC app.

Mobile ticketing will allow ticket holders to conveniently manage, transfer (forward), or sell tickets and will aid in efforts to reduce the risk of lost or counterfeit tickets. Download the app and see instructions below for mobile ticketing.



  • Bank of America Stadium is a cashless facility.
  • Clear Bag Policy: To ensure that all fans have a safe and enjoyable visit to Bank of America Stadium, the club enforces a clear bag policy wherein approved items may be placed in transparent plastic, vinyl or PVC bag.
  • Umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium.
  • Fans are allowed to bring two (2) sealed plastic non-flavored water bottles per person.

CLICK HERE for everything you need to know from bag policy to parking and more.

(Video) Austin vs Charlotte 6/30/2022 FREE Soccer Picks and Predictions on MLS Betting Tips for Today


Fans with assigned parking will receive details and digital parking passes via email prior to the start of the season. Other ticket holders will be responsible for their own parking arrangements. There are more than 30,000 parking spaces within a 10-15 minute walk of the stadium. Parking operators lease parking spaces on a match-by-match or seasonal basis near Bank of America Stadium.

In order to reserve your parking with operators before game day, click here. This will assure your spot and allow you to pre-pay.

CLICK HERE for more information.

**All suite ticket holders can use the Charlotte FC Mobile App to access mobile parking passes the same way match tickets are accessed. Upon arrival, parking passes will be scanned at the parking lot entrance.


Keep the party going inside the stadium on the 100-Level concourse:
  • Strike a pose at the Redbud Group photo mural
  • Check out the giant Michelob Ultra bottle near the Lowe's East Gate Taprooms.
  • Mint your own souvenir at our new quarter press! Bring a quarter and choose from four Inaugural Season designs or collect them all. Located by the Atrium Health Fit Zone outside section 137.
  • Visit the Folds of Honor display at North Gate to learn more about supporting scholarships for the family members of America’s fallen and disabled service members.


As partners from day one, Ally is proud to help enhance the inaugural season experience for fans.

  • Stop by the Pride-themed photo wall outside the stadium between the North and East gates to mark the moment!
  • Snap a pic in augmented reality on the Ally bench located near gate 126 in the main concourse.
  • Download the Charlotte FC app to test your soccer knowledge with half-time trivia.
  • Tag yourself in a matchday photo using the Ally FanCam.
(Video) Christian Lattanzio Press Conference | Charlotte FC vs. Austin FC


  • Club Level Concessions: Club Seats include access to unlimited free pre-packaged snacks and fountain drinks on the Club Level.
  • Club Season Ticket Member: to learn how to access your club credit or how to transfer your credit click here.


Please be advised that section 121 will be roped off until all supporter groups arrive from the march.

  • If you arrive before the March, please find an open seat in another other available section. Do not congregate and block the aisles in and around section 121.
  • If you may be uncomfortable or claustrophobic, we recommend seating in another Supporters section area.


Please note that seating in the Supporters Section is General Admissions based on a first-come first-serve system. For any questions or concerns prior to matchday, be sure to contact your Supporter Group Leader.

IMPORTANT: The release of any objects into the air, intentional or not, will result in immediate ejection from the stadium. If an object lands on the pitch, it'll be considered a projectile and is an offense subject to ejection by MLS officials and sanctions for the team/fans.

  • Please do not throw any objects on the field or at other fans if you disagree with any call or result on the pitch - this can hurt Charlotte FC's results for that match.


Prior to entering the Supporters Section, fans must pour all alcoholic beverages into a plastic cup. Cups will be provided by ushers at each section. Reminder: beer throwing at anytime is not permitted.



A private Atrium Health Nursing Room is available on each level of the stadium dedicated to nursing mothers. To access one of these rooms, visit the Guest Relations booth across from sections 119, 129, 313, 525 or 543. For info about our Atrium Health Nursing Rooms, call 704-358-7000.


The Atrium Health Fit Zone is an outdoor area located on the 100 level concourse by section 138 and features a miniature artificial turf pitch, where kids can play. Our youngest fans can practice their kicking and passing skills, and other fun interactive activities.

Know Before You Go: Charlotte FC vs. Austin FC 6/30 at 7PM | Charlotte FC (3)

Know Before You Go

(Video) Charlotte FC vs Austin FC


How can I watch Charlotte FC vs Austin FC? ›

The match will be streamed nationally on ESPN+. In Austin, coverage will be provided by WAXN. KBVO is carrying all of the action in Charlotte.

How can I watch the Charlotte game? ›

  1. US StreamingMLS LIVE on ESPN+
  2. Local TVTelemundo.
  3. Local TVWAXN/WSOC.
  4. Local StreamCLTFC Live.

Will Charlotte FC get a new stadium? ›

According to club officials, the site will be located at 8600 McAlpine Park Drive and include a “privately-financed 52,000-plus square-foot facility” that features four fields and related facilities, and it will put Charlotte FC's MLS team, its MLS NEXT Pro team and its academy teams “all under one roof.”

How can I watch the Austin FC game today? ›

  1. US StreamingMLS LIVE on ESPN+
  2. English TVThe CW Austin.
  3. Spanish TVUniMás Austin.
  4. English
  5. English AppAustin FC App.
  6. Spanish
  7. Spanish AppUnivision Austin App.
  8. English RadioKASE-FM (Alt 97.5)

How can I watch Charlotte in North Carolina? ›

Venue: Bank of America Stadium — Charlotte, NC. TV: FOX 35 Plus (local only). Radio: FM 96.9 The Game (English), Acción 97.9 FM and 810 AM (Spanish). Streaming: The match can be streamed on ESPN+ (out of market only) and the LionNation app (in market only).

How to watch Orlando City vs Charlotte? ›

How to Watch Charlotte FC vs. Orlando City SC
  1. Match Day: Sunday, August 21, 2022.
  2. Match Time: 7:00 PM ET.
  3. TV: NBA League Pass.
  4. Stadium: Bank of America Stadium.
  5. Live Stream on fuboTV:Start your free trial today!
Aug 21, 2022

Is Charlotte anime on Netflix? ›

Watch all you want.

Is Charlotte in crunchyroll? ›

Crunchyroll currently streams Charlotte in 60 territories worldwide. The series is available in the original Japanese with subtitles in English, Latin American Spanish, and Portuguese.

Is Charlotte dubbed on Crunchyroll? ›

Crunchyroll - Aniplex Of America Announces Additions To "Charlotte" English Dub Cast.

How many episodes are in Charlotte? ›


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