Vendor Resources - Louisiana Division of Administration (2022)

Q: What does my company need to do to become a registered vendor for the State of Louisiana?

A: You can register and maintain your profile in LaGov here.
You must submit a Federal W‐9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) before any awards / purchase orders can be issued to your company. This is not required with enrollment, or to receive bids, but will be required before any purchase order or contract can be awarded to you.

Q: What are the benefits of being a registered vendor in LaGov?

  • Free online self‐registration
  • Ability to receive bid opportunity notifications via e‐mail
  • A vendor MUST be fully registered in LaGov in order to receive a contract or purchase order award
  • Register for as many or as few commodities as you wish, and you may edit your enrollment at any time
  • Ability to update company information and revise enrollment categories
  • Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Q: What services does the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network offer?

  • Registered vendors receive an immediate email notification each time an RFx or addendum is posted
    for a commodity for which you have registered
  • LaPAC may be viewed for a complete listing of bids by department, by commodity, or by a specific bid
    number. Complete bid documents may be viewed in .pdf format, and those of interest can be printed
    and/or submitted in accordance with the bid instructions.
  • Any addenda to a bid are listed on the LaPAC site, along with the original bid document
  • Award information showing the successful vendor(s) and their award total(s) is posted to LaPAC
  • Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Q: Does my company have to be a registered vendor in order to bid?

A: It is not necessary for you to be registered in the State’s computerized vendor list in order to bid. However, if you wish to automatically receive email notifications of bids, you must register online and choose those commodity codes for which you wish to receive notifications.

Q: Is there a fee for this bid subscription / email service?

A: There is no fee to register online in LaGov.

Q: Once I am registered in LaGov, if I am the successful vendor on a bid, are there any additional steps that must be taken before an award / contract / purchase order can be issued to my company?

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A: If you are a new vendor, you must submit a Federal W‐9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) before any contracts / purchase orders can be issued to your company. If the award amount exceeds $25,000.00, you must also be registered to do business in the State of Louisiana with the La Secretary of State’s office if you are a corporation or an LLC. Online registration for the Secretary of State can be accessed here: and

Q: What is my vendor number?

A: New vendors that register in LaGov receive a system assigned vendor number and create personal passwords to maintain their registration. Vendors can search for their company name to determine if they have previously registered at:

Q: Can my company have solicitations sent to more than one address?

A: Yes, but in order to do so, you must register online with more than one address.

Q: Will my company get bids from other state agencies once I am registered online?

A: State agencies have the option of using the State’s computerized vendor list, but they are not required to do so. State agencies are responsible for soliciting the correct number of bona fide bidders in accordance with the law and may utilize the State’s vendor database as a resource tool.

Exempt agencies, such as colleges and universities, may have their own vendor databases. It is suggested that you contact the purchasing departments at each exempt agency.

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Q: How long does it take for my Bidders Registration to be processed?

A: Online registration is immediate.

Q: Why hasn’t my company received any bids, or why did I not receive a particular bid I am interested in?

A: The commodity code(s) you choose drive the electronic bid list notifications. If you are not receiving bids or email notifications, you may not be enrolled in the correct commodity codes. The State uses UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products & Services Codes) for enrollment. New registrants must select which commodity codes they wish to receive notifications for when they register in LaGov / LaPAC. There is a UNSPSC commodity code search and a product tree on the Vendor Registration Menu.

Q: Can a company bid in a commodity class other than the ones chosen during online registration?

A: Yes. Companies are responsible for having knowledge of and obtaining copies of bids in alternate commodities, as our automated procurement system will not include the company on the pre‐populated email notification, if they are not registered for that commodity code. Any vendor can search LaPAC by department, commodity, or specific bid number, print out a copy of the bid, and submit it.

Q: How do I change my company’s name, address, telephone, fax number, selected commodities, etc.?

A: The administrator of the vendor’s registration in LaGov may change company contact information and revise commodity enrollment categories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging into the system and performing the necessary edits.

Q: How do I add multiple users / contacts for my company?

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A: The primary / administrative vendor user will have “01” at the end of their vendor number. To add additional account users, the administrative user will need to login and select “create additional user”. Each successive user for the same company will have the same vendor number, but with a different suffix at the end (02, 03, etc.), and will have their own name and email address associated with that vendor number and suffix.

Q: Will additional users for my company receive bid notifications and be able to submit bids?

A: Additional registered users will also receive email notifications of bids. However, they will only be able to sign and submit bids of $25,000.00 or more if the “Is Signature Authority” box is checked on the LaGov registration, OR if they are (a) listed as an officer of the company on the Secretary of State’s website registration, or (b) furnish a copy of a corporate resolution or a memo on letterhead from a company officer, granting that person signature authority.

Q: How do I delete a user that is no longer with my company?

A: If the primary / administrative user is no longer with the company, the person who will be the new administrative user will need to either call OSP at 225‐342‐8010 or email the Vendor Help Desk at and provide their company’s Federal Tax ID number for verification purposes. At that point, the Help Desk will reset the password, and give the new administrator access to the account. The administrator can then login, choose “Manage own data” and update the name and contact information for the primary user (vendor number suffix “01”).

If an administrator needs to remove a secondary user on the account, these “02” “03” suffix users can either be deleted, or their information can be revised to reflect a new user’s information.

Q: What does “User Authentication Failed” mean when I am trying to login, and how do I re‐set
my password?

A: This message means you have input an incorrect password to login to the site. If you are locked out of the system, you will need to either call OSP at 225‐342‐8010 or email the Vendor Help Desk at and provide your company’s Federal Tax ID number for verification purposes. The Help Desk will reset the password for you.

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Q: How do I stop receiving email notifications regarding bid opportunities?

A: Email the Vendor Help Desk at – your request will be forwarded to the technical division that will remove you from the auto‐email list.

Q: Why can’t I use another browser besides Explorer, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari?

A: LaGov is a fairly new system for vendors and we’re working to expand to additional browsers. As of now, our LaGov registration system is compatible with Internet Explorer browsers. It is not recommended to use Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. If you are running a version of IE that is not functioning properly, please use your internet explorer tools to add our site to compatibility view. Turn off all pop‐up blockers for addresses.
From ‘Tools’ select ‘Compatibility View settings’ and in the pop‐up box, input and click ‘Add’.
Also, see browser requirements, download links, and FAQs here.

If this does not resolve your problem, please email the Vendor Help Desk at .

Q: How can I find out when bids are solicited which are estimated to be in excess of $25,000.00?

A: Bids over $25,000.00 are advertised in the State’s Official Journal (currently “The Advocate” in East Baton Rouge Parish) and in the official journal of the parish where the goods or services will be delivered, if outside of EBR. Note: The Advocate does not publish public notices / bids on its website. Also, all bids regardless of dollar amount that are processed by the Office of State Procurement are published on our LaPAC website,
where they can be viewed and printed.


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